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A Quarter-Century 4 CyberConf

It Was Twenty(-Five) Years Ago Today… …the Banff Centre brought the world to play…with VR and art. From May 20-22, 1994, Canada’s Banff Centre for the Arts hosted the 4th International Conference on Cyberspace, aka 4CYBERCONF. According to Wired (in April 1994), this was: One of two important conferences on cyberspace and virtual reality, 4CYBERCONF is a prestigious annual event bringing together practitioners and theoreticians to discuss the social and cross-cultural implications of cyberspace. Read more →

Immersed in Restoration

res·tor·a·tion [noun] – the return of something to a former or original state. (Canadian Oxford Dictionary, Second Edition) – the process of restoring a building, work of art, etc. to its original condition. (Oxford Dictionary of English, Third Edition) The Legacy Project A few years ago, I was hired as a VR consultant, (initially) to restore the audio for Char Davies' two pioneering immersive artworks, Osmose (1995) and Ephémère (1998). Read more →

Binaural blast (from the past?)

Recently I was doing more experiments in lightweight binaural spatialization for VR. Using the Ambisonic Toolkit (aka ATK), in SuperCollider, I implemented a binaural mixer for arbitrary number of 3D sources that includes Doppler shift and a faked reverb cue as audio sources move further away. Here’s a quick test, with some spaceship-like sounds whizzing past (mostly from side to side, because the effect is more obvious). Listen with headphones if possible: Read more →