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Beer, bugs and theatre

All abuzz about Insectotròpics and the wú Collective! From the hands of Insectotròpics' painter Xanu.

This past Tuesday we were invited, by the Insectotròpics theatre troupe, to participate in an event presenting the Programa Suport a la Creació 2013 (production grants) from FiraTàrrega (an international performing and street arts festival in Tàrrega, Catalunya). The event was held at Barcelona’s beautiful Fàbrica Moritz (historical brewery), recently redesigned by architect Jean Nouvel.

Our friends from Insectotròpics are considering incorporating our Teatrillu software into their upcoming theatre production, BZZ, and we were delighted to be asked to be there with them at this event. And not only because of the free Moritz beer…

It was a great to be part of this event, which gave the public a preview of some early work on the Insects' next piece, to be premiered at FiraTàrrega this September. Since January 2013, we’ve been invited to some of their rehearsals and production sessions, helping them incorporate our Teatrillu into their show. Among other things, our software will allow them to do live stop-motion animation and interactive visual trickery – allowing bits of paper, blobs of paint and other objects to take on a life of their own.

Here is some more (raw) footage from the Insectotròpics' Moritz event, some of which shows the Teatrillu in action (thanks to Vicenç):